Timber Logs

Price : 600.00 / 1 Piece(s)

The sawn timber is graded to different wood quality grades in the sawmills through visual sorting. GOLDEN Company is pleased to offer high quality wood.

Wood is divided into four grades from A to D, where grade A is equivalent to the highest quality and grade D to the lowest.

Each board typically has the saw mill mark stamped on the end of the board.
A3 / A / AB / B / ABC / C Board
AB / B / ABC Logs
A log is the bottom log of the tree, C log is the middle log and C is the top log.

Price depends on the dimensions you need. There are 2 types of them: standard, which are cheaper and unique, which are moer expensive.
We find the best price for you with the best way of transportation.


Type all type
Brand Name Golden Logs
Use new
Color white and brown
Place Of Origin Cameroon
Wall Thickness grade A
Timber Wood And Logs good condition

Additional Information

Product Code 40967877
Min. Order Quantity 40